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Skyzir How It Works Scanning


Dental Scanning captures the contours of tooth and gingival structures, producing an accurate digital orthodontic scan in just minutes.

Skyzir How It Works designing


The collection of abutment data, the computer designing process, and the milling of the designed model.

Skyzir How It Works making


The dentist uses a dental milling machine to actually make the crown from a block of zirconia.

Skyzir how it works sintering

Sintering & Glazing

Dental glazes are composed of colorless glass powder, applied to the fired crown surface, so as to produce a glossy surface.

Skyzir how it works sintering


Crowns are used to protect, cover and restore the shape of your teeth when fillings don’t solve the problem.

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Get to know the game changer in Prosthodontic treatment, with a futuristic solution. Skyzir is a new generation Zirconia crown that eliminates the need for manual impression of patients' mouth and reduces repeated digital imaging & machine Learning that mandates doctor's intervention.

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Skyzir What We Offer

If you have a tooth that's wearing down, cracked, or chipped, your dentist will likely recommend capping it with a dental crown. A crown will help maintain the size, strength, shape, and appearance of your tooth and will be made from one, or a mixture, of various materials – a popular choice being zirconia. we provide best zirconia crowns for your convenience.

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Our residents bringing you a global expertise coupled with the cutting edge research and knowledge. There is no dental concern too small or large for the professionals at skyzir.

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