What We Offer

In Skyzir we design and make world-class dental prostheses products, that satisfies all your needs. Zirconia is a white solid ceramic glaze and one of several newer materials that combine metal's strength with the aesthetic, tooth-like appeal of porcelain. And zirconia crowns are continually being developed to further improve their performance.

Our Products

Skyzir zirconia

Skyzir Zirconia Premium

A premium Zirconia with best-in-class translucency and optimal strength, ensuring full arch aesthetic solutions for the most complex restorations.

Skyzir Zirconia Classic

A true classic: A perfect blend of strength and translucency with full arch Zirconia solutions.

Skyzir zirconia classic
Skyzir zirconia monolith

Skyzir Zirconia Monolith

The most affordable Monolithic Zirconia to replace a posterior PFM restoration- Enter the amazing world of CAD/CAM Zirconia.

E - Max Veneers

E-Max is designed with simplicity and versatility and offers great aesthetics and strength. This high strength porcelain veneers uses bio-compatible lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots that lends natural translucency to the tooth

Skyzir E-Max Veneers
Skyzir PFM Cad CAM

PFM - Cad Cam

A certified system for additive manufacturing of new generation PFMs, DMLS. The metal frame is fabricated using CAD files by sintering special Co-Cr-Mb-based powder layer by layer.


To ensure the purity of materials, DMLS EOS uses CE certified alloy powder directly imported from the manufacturer. It has incredibly thin margins in comparison with conventional PFM.

Skyzir PFM Cad CAM

Key Benefits

Skyzir product benefits

Quality Crown

Skyzir provides the best zirconia crowns.

Better Marginal Fit

The marginal fit of the crown was defined as a mean value of the 80 measurements for each crown.

Minimal work on finished crowns

Quicker turn around time

Reduced Cost in purchasing impression material

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